You can contact me for any general physiotherapeutic treatment.

I am specialized in various rehabilitation processes after surgery. (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.)

In recent years I have been actively involved in triathlon sport with a focus on trajectories of recovery and performance improvement of athletes (amateurs and professionals).

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Postoperative rehabilitation is aimed at patients who have undergone surgery on the musculoskeletal system.

The aim is to improve joint function (knee, hip, back, ankle, shoulder, elbow), 

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is aimed at allowing people who have been injured during sports or in any other way to resume their sports practice in a quick and  responsible manner.

Dry Needing

Dry needling is a special technique in which muscles are stimulated with a 'dry' acupuncture needle, causing them to relax.

This technique has been used in regular physiotherapy for years.

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A targeted rehabilitation and treatment plan will be drawn up in consultation with you.