Practice Information

Monday - Friday
08.00 - 20.00
Saturday - Sunday

Treatment by appointment and if necessary at home

Your first appointment can be booked within 24 hours after a confirmation email or phone call.


Your therapist- Andy Limoen

Born and raised in Suriname.


As a compatible swimmer and valedictorian I got the opportunity to study Physical Therapy in Utrecht.

A few months after graduation I started working in Noordwijk and have been ever since.


My pointers as a physical therapist are: listening, advising and optimizing.


During your first visit I will try to identify the cause of your discomfort .

Depending on the outcome of this first assessment you will receive an instant and personalized advise on how to facilitate healing and return to normal activities.


With an accurate and specific assessment and diagnosis, we plan the optimal treatment together.


Over 20 years of experience has enabled me to treat several generations of patients and allowed me to work together with PhysioManualtherapy Hoek and many other consultant colleagues .



Charges 2024

If your not insured for physical therapy the following charges apply..

Payment by cash or debit card.

First appointment: Intake, Examination and Treatment Physiotherapy


First appointment: Intake, Examination and specialized treatment


Intake & Examination


Physiotherapeutic treatment


Surcharge for home treatment


Missed physiotherapy appointment


Missed appointment and specialized treatment


Physiotherapeutic examination


Long session for complex medical issue


Physiotherapeutic report


Complicated time-consuming reports


Telephone session


Roll medical tape


Domiciliary physiotherapy

   on request